Samstag, 27. Februar 2016

I closed the blog for Fresh Stars Recordings

I closed the blog for freshstarsrecordings.
for the reason, i got my own webspace  and at blogger is not much up.

you can find us

Sonntag, 17. Januar 2016

Synths, Music Software and Plugins

Well every artist knows the music topic is complex.

It counts what music you like to do,
depending from this you choose the software or hardware.

The old fashioned and Analog Virtual Synthlovers:
using Hardware Synthesizer and Racks
or Modular Synthezier
with StepSequencer or by using
Hardware Sequencer or new Stepsequencer like Arturia or Korg ones or the ones just available in real limited editions.
Here an example:

or Audio Software with midi.

Then the new generation just using Software and Plugins.

Well i need to say the old league got its charms and some analog still sound much different then
some software.

We have:
Ableton Live
Fruity Loops
Reason, that is more rack oriented.
and new Bitwig, wich seams to be a concept or rewrite of Ableton.
and so many more that was, thats new and will come.

Well most important is that you know your software,
its like every tool, you know how to use it right and when what.

Depending on the differnt Concepts, like Scoring, Pattern, Loops,
the sound getting created differs.

Traditional Musicians would tend to take a Scoring Musicprogram
like Cubase, Audiologic maybe Ableton, because it supports two ways of creation,
the loop for live and the scoring.

For Live performance the Programm Ableton was leading,
new Fruity Loops extended with a performance mode,
both work with different Controller like Touchpad and similar fine.

For the old Tracker and Computer Music Geaks coming from the Tracker side,
Fruity Loops was the entry to the professional way and got improved so much, that
nearly nothing is missing.

So all of these Programms in the meanwhile, or for longer support the
VST Steinberg Standard, that is Version 3 in the meanwhile and x64 bit architecture.
Well except Ableton that just supports the new x64 Standard you can use nearly all
free old and new plugins.

For Ableton you need a bridge for the old plugins x32 mode, but new, and i did
a video about that, Fruity Loops can be used as Plugin for ableton.
wait here the video about it.
Well i extended by Ableton because of the live features and some other reasons.
Now by supporting Fruity Loops, wich i like much because of its intuitive and fast in progress handling and some great plugins, i or all can use Fruity Loops as Plugin in Ableton, like a Synth Rack supporting up to 16 Tracks. This is great.
So you can use Ableton and just by using midi play all the instruments you love from fruity loops,
wich extends the pool of plugins much for ableton.

Well this where the possebilities i use,
but i need to say i use
3 kinds of Music Software a load of plugins from free to the expensive ones
and i still love to handel the hardware.